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Osteoarthrosis, also known as degenerative joint disease (DJD) is a progressive and chronic disease caused by the constant deterioration of a lesion in the articular cartilage of the joint caused by continuous friction which creates bony spurs and cysts on the margins of the joints.  As natural wear and tear takes its course, this superficial damage becomes malignant, affecting the entire structure of the joint and destroying its mechanics. Since there is no surgical solution for this stage of the disease, the only solution offered today is joint replacement or Arthroplasty. This is the reason patients suffer years of pain, medication problems, swollen joints, tenderness or redness of joints and limited movement before they are finally operated with a joint prosthesis. 70% of people over the age of 65 show some degree of osteoarthritis upon x-ray. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) it is predicted that 9.6 %of men and 18% of women over 60 years of age will suffer from Arthrosis, representing the fourth most debilitating disease worldwide. As populations live longer and continue to lead active lives, the cases of arthrosis will increase, giving the medical world greater challenges and pressure in finding new ways to treat this disease as early as possible in order to prevent it becoming chronic and debilitating. There are many research papers written about arthrosis discussing the histology, pathology, genetics, environmental factors, body weight, sports related causes, and more. However this research and its investigations have not tackled the real issue which is how to treat the initial damage in the articular cartilage of the joints to prevent the onset of this degenerative disease which affects huge numbers of people worldwide. This time for Bio Total Hip is perfect and long overdue. This break through invention will greatly save on patient costs, as well as their suffering and valuable time. Contact us for further information or business solutions.
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‘Arthritis is now the most common cause of disability in the modern world. In the USA alone more than 20 million individuals suffering from arthritis have their ordinary daily functions severely limited. ‘
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The innovative design and technology carving a better future for Hip Surgery.   
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Do We Need to Expend $83 Billion in Joint Prosthesis? Published in the Journal of Arthritis by DR. J. Cabrera. This respected article outlines the unnecessary need for Joint prosthesis with innovative solutions for a brighter future...  
MEDICAL INVENTION PATENT NUMBER GB  2344290 Osteoarthrosis Solution